Navarik’s team of Data Analysts is uniquely placed to offer the most accurate insights and foresights into international marine petrochemical movements. Using our proprietary data sets of confirmed vessels on the water (or even before they load), we can provide forward-guidance of shipments and volumes weeks before any competitor who relies on third party data sources like broker reports and dock-watchers with binoculars. With Navarik Data, you can know about market-moving cargoes before the market.  

Navarik Index  

Navarik’s Net Import Index measures the balance of verified import and export volumes (including inter-PADD movements), discounted out over the leading 8 weeks, for Gasoline & Components, Distillates, and Jet & Kerosene.

Vessel Verified

A highly validated set of data, gathered from the Navarik suite of reports providing insight into the marine petroleum shipping market.

The True Edge 

Unique market insight into current and future weekly imports, exports, inter-regional and international vessel movements, as well as storage and refining trends.