Navarik PADD 5 Net Import Index - Instructions for Use


Product Table
The Navarik PADD 5 Net Import Index reports on the values and change in the index values for three product categories. A positive number indicates a net import outlook and a negative number indicates a net export outlook. To highlight a grade in the table, click on the grade name. This will also update the pie chart to display the import/export proportions for that grade category. To clear a grade selection,              simply click outside the table.

Pie chart.PNG

Pie chart
Hover over the chart to see the import or export volumes linked to the table.



Time series graph.PNG

Time Series Graph
The time series graph plots changes in the index values for the three grade categories and is independent of the day selected. To modify the view from a daily, monthly, or annual view, right-click over the graph and select "Drill Up" or "Drill Down" to reach the desired detail. You can also click on the icons near the
top-left of the graph. To expand the graph, select the icon at the top-right of the graph. To collapse from this view, select "Back to Report" at the top left of the screen.


Date archive.PNG

Date Archive
Use the check-boxes in the selector bar to toggle between dates. Only one day can be selected at a time. Changing the date will automatically update the table, analysis and pie chart.