The quality and speed of Navarik's data is due to its trusted position as the provider of Physical Trade operations software and data services. 

Navarik’s mission is to be the leading provider of physical operations software and data services for the commodity trading industry. For over a decade, Navarik has provided SAAS solutions to the global shipping community designed to optimise the way physical trade operations data is captured, analysed, managed and delivered. 

The Navarik Platform is uniquely designed to provide both software and data services to commodity traders of crude oil, refined products, and dry bulk.

  • Our software services standardise the process of managing the inspection of bulk commodities exchanged between global trading companies.
  • Our data services aggregate the inspection data across all trading companies, to form an unrivalled repository of global inspection data.

This combination of software and data services, mitigates risk for physical operations while providing the entire commodities industry with cutting-edge market intelligence.

Over 5,000 personnel belonging to world leading commodity-trading and inspection companies, across 50 different countries, are currently using the Navarik Platform. Navarik customers include major publicly traded oil companies, BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell, Valero, Tesoro, as well as the Venezuelan Government and Nigeria LNG.