Navarik Data can confirm, at present, distillate and jet flows from the US Gulf Coast into Europe appear to remain steady, despite the shutdown of the Pernis refinery in the Netherlands.

The count of vessels slated to alternative berths in the Benelux, as well as ports in other areas of Europe, appear in line with recent weeks. Likewise, Navarik’s unique forward-looking data set confirms this includes vessels currently loading or scheduled to load out of PADD 3; both vessels with no set destination and vessels bound for Europe are broadly typical in terms of both counts and quantities on board. This may be that any possible supply disruptions are being met by local alternatives, or that marketers have not yet turned to PADD 3.

Navarik’s suite of reports is ideally placed to be able to advise if and/or when this situation shifts.

Navarik’s team of analysts provide highlights gathered from the Navarik suite of reports. This highly validated set of data provides unique insight into the marine petroleum shipping market.

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